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4 myths about fashion for people with disabilities

Many companies and designers struggle to invent something new in fashion, yet there is a huge market that is absolutely ignored.  This market is people with disabilities.  These people need fashionable and comfortable clothes, adjusted to their needs.  Why hasn’t

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Men’s closet checklist according to online stylists

In my last post I complained that we don’t have a service like Thread in the U.S.  I was wrong – we have it.  Cincinnati startup Cladwell offers free online styling recommendations for men who are tired of wandering aimlessly

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A personal online stylist for free…are you interested?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while shopping online?  Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, the internet offers countless choices.  So how do you choose what’s best for you? I wouldn’t mind getting some guidance in this area from a professional stylist, and I’m

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How can brands benefit from Polyvore?

A friend of mine, a successful marketing consultant, spends two or three hours a night on  She is really obsessed with making fashion collages and competing with other community members.  But two or three hours sounds a little excessive.

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Business clothing with super power

Have you ever thought how impractical our clothes are?  Spill coffee on your shirt and you’ll ruin your early morning presentation.  If you bicycle to work, take a clean shirt with you.  And you’ll have to clean your dress shirt

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Mobile marketing trends in fashion retail

“Mobile marketing” can sound a little cliché these days.  It makes me think of constant meaningless alerts and push notifications.  Can customers actually benefit from mobile marketing?  Let’s discuss two trends in mobile marketing that can be beneficial for both

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Can 3D printing change the fashion industry?

Need a new pair of shoes?  No problem!  Create your own design or buy one that you like, and print them out at home or in a print shop. It sounds like a dream, but that’s what the shopping/manufacturing process

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I am Jane Zhdanova, an enthusiastic internet marketer and fashion lover. I'm combining my two passions in this blog where I’m writing about new technologies, business and marketing trends in the fashion industry.

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