Men’s closet checklist according to online stylists

In my last post I complained that we don’t have a service like Thread in the U.S.  I was wrong – we have it.  Cincinnati startup Cladwell offers free online styling recommendations for men who are tired of wandering aimlessly around Macy’s looking for something to buy.

What is Cladwell?        

online stylists

Just like its British counterpart, Cladwell combines human stylists with intelligent algorithms.  Cladwell stylists select clothing from thousands of brands and emerging designers, and algorithms match these items to your measurements and preferences.

And Cladwell is easy to use.  First, you go to the website and provide some information about yourself, including your body size, type, and eye and hair color.  Cladwell will also ask you about your style preferences and budget.  Then you select what kind of clothing you want, and the algorithm will provide you with three recommendations that closely match your profile.  These will link you to online retailers so you can buy any item you like, or just save it for later.

You might wonder if certain brands give Cladwell greater profits.  Don’t worry — Cladwell states that their personal profits have nothing to do with promoting one brand over another.

The Cladwell service is free, and you have no obligation to buy anything.

Closet checklist for men

Men are not that bad at buying clothes, but many men (and women too!) would rather browse items and buy something that strikes their fancy, than think strategically about building the whole wardrobe.


Cladwell is here to help.  They are launching a new service – a minimal closet checklist for men.  The idea is about creating a simple wardrobe based on your lifestyle, job, interests, and other factors.  The wardrobe will include only items that fit and suite you, and can be included in multiple outfits.

How does it work?

Based on you profile, Cladwell will offer you a clothing checklist, from jeans and shorts to suits and coats.  Now that you have the roadmap, you can start making changes.  First, purge your closet of all of the items you don’t like or never wear.  Then review the rest of the clothes and start checking items off your list.  Let’s say there are 45 total items on your checklist and you already have 30 of the 45 items in good condition — you need to buy only the remaining 15 items and you’re done.

Get dressed on autopilot and still look good!

Isn’t this a dream of most men?  Cladwell promises to create a guide that will categorize the clothing you own, what items you wore last, and what your calendar looks like.  Based on this information, it can select the best outfit for you every day.

What does Cladwell mean for men?

Cladwell CMO Eric Sztanyo states, “We’re here to say, ‘Hey, you’ll look good in this.  Buy these things, and then stop.’  We’re not here to lock a guy into perpetual shopping.  We want to make shopping easier and for him to feel empowered with his clothes, so that he can get on with life.”

I’m absolutely sold on the idea of a closet checklist for men.  This service is a great tool that helps men dress well and look appropriate in any situation, all while avoiding the hassles of shopping.


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