Mobile marketing trends in fashion retail

Mobile marketing

“Mobile marketing” can sound a little cliché these days.  It makes me think of constant meaningless alerts and push notifications.  Can customers actually benefit from mobile marketing?  Let’s discuss two trends in mobile marketing that can be beneficial for both retailers and consumers.

Get your coupons when you need them

I confess that I almost never use coupons; I’m too disorganized for that.  If I get coupons by mail, I stick them in my purse, so it’s possible that I may use them.  But if I get them by email, forget it.  But what if I can get them at the moment I enter the store? US-based company Swirl provides a solution to this problem.

53397-beacon_teaser1They notify consumers via text about specific deals and offers according to their location in the store.


Swirl’s communications system uses iBeacon, an indoor positioning system created by Apple.  This is a low-cost transmitter that can notify nearby IOS 7 devices of their presence using Bluetooth.  iBeacon can detect a phone within inches.  The service can be delivered to consumers through the Swirl app or as an add-on to any major retailer’s existing mobile apps.

And the Swirl app is free for consumers; to use it, you need only to approve your geographic location and push notifications.  “Privacy is a major concern for smartphone owners,” says Rob Murphy, Swirl’s vice president of marketing.  “Our research shows consumers are very willing to share their information if they receive value in return.  In fact, 47% of women would be willing to share their location information for a $5 store credit, and 83% would for a $25 store credit.”


Using Swirl, retailers can communicate with consumers who are already in the store by sending them coupons and exclusive offers. Retailers can use Swirl not only to offer gifts and coupons, but for providing recommendations on style and fit.  At larger stores that aren’t able to provide one-to-one customer service, this technology can offer the level of personalization of a small boutique.

Find in-store wish-list items

London-based company Lyst is currently working on technology that will provide customers with an online experience to complement their in-store shopping.


Lyst is a platform that aggregates many large ecommerce sites in a single location.  Based on the customer’s profile, wish list, and browsing history, Lyst recommends various items as suitable wardrobe add-ons.  Whether walking down Fifth Avenue or window shopping the most fashionable streets in America, customers will receive texted recommendations that can be found just around the corner.  Why not to try them on?


Retailers can boost sales by recommending relevant in-store items to customers while they shop.  These customers can then save time by buying the things they actually need, or plan to buy, during one shopping trip.  They might even save money by considering recommended accessories.

New mobile marketing trends are providing customers with a completely new in-store experience.  No longer frustrating and time consuming, shopping is now a fun experience that provides consumers with easy-to-find items at the best prices.

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3 comments on “Mobile marketing trends in fashion retail
  1. Next get so much bad press, but they really do offer one of the most comprehensive services compared to ASOS or M&S! This just confirms that even more!

  2. Maya Mey says:

    Great Article !
    I agree it’s so true… Almost everything today is on mobile so it’s important to stay in touch with your readers and consumers….

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