How fashion bloggers will change the fashion industry

Who are the fashion bloggers?

I discovered the term “fashion blogging” a few years ago while doing some research on New York style trends.  I was browsing the internet looking for the insights and inspiration for my presentation, when I accidentally stumbled upon, created by Manhattan socialite and personal stylist, Christine Cameron.

My stile pill bloggerCameron took many pictures in various outfits, posting the photos on her blog.  I love her looks; she is very New York–eclectic and classy at the same time.  And unlike a typical fashion model, she is actually wearing her own clothes.

I have been checking Cameron’s blog from time to time for tips and inspiration, and have observed its metamorphosis over time.  Now her blog has paid sponsors, and she carefully lists each brand presented in her pictures.  That means that she has started monetizing her blog, obtaining revenue from the brands about which she writes.

Christine Cameron’s blog is just an example.  Now there are thousands of fashion blogs, and some of them are very popular, including,,, to name a few.

The truth is that fashion bloggers have become popular enough to influence the fashion world, and will eventually change the way designers and brands market themselves.

Bloggers influence the way readers think

Before the internet age, magazine editors and fashion professionals were the only ones who could make an impact on new collections and fashion trends.  Designers had to compete with one another to earn the attention of the editors at Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.  Those days are over.  In a study conducted by Biz360, it was discovered that over 53% of the New York City Fashion Week coverage had come from online articles and fashion blogs.  And the blogosphere has the potential to become even more powerful.  Consumers consider blogs to be a more independent and credible source due to the fact that most bloggers don’t work in fashion industry.

Bloggers impact designers’ decisions

People not only like to read blogs, they like discussing them, as well.  Thanks to social media, blog followers can provide feedback about a designer’s collection, and even contribute to the creation of a new one.

New possibilities with advertising

Popular blogs have become increasingly appealing for brands and retailers in terms of advertising.  Compared with other types of advertising, blogs provide many advantages.  Most popular blogs are well-targeted when it comes to eye-catching advertising and sponsors.  For example, targets successful female professionals.  These women are interested in business-casual and classic styling, so many appropriate brands will choose to advertise alongside the articles.  Some blogs, like, allow emerging designers and new fashion technologies to showcase to the right audience without spending a fortune on marketing.

Attracting new audiences

Thanks to stereotypes created by social media, many people are averse to the idea of “fashion.”  Fortunately, blogs such as LoveBrownSugar and Fashion, Love, and Martinis are conquering these stereotypes by appealing to plus-size women, and proving that women of any size can look great.  And there are an increasing amount of blogs discussing menswear, as well.  Blogs such as,, educate readers about fashion brands and trends.

Undoubtedly, the worlds of social media and the blogosphere will have a massive impact on the fashion industry, namely who influences what.  The question is, how soon will the fashion industry realize these changes and adjust accordingly?

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