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Why do most people love famous brands?  One reason is that every brand has a story and a charismatic personality behind it.  Most luxury brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, Luis Vuitton, and Prada began as small family-owned businesses.  They had their ups and downs, struggled with historical circumstances, but created beautiful garments and eventually won over people’s hearts.  Some brands–including Chanel and Christian Dior–have further gained public respect through documentary films.

But what if the story began before the brand?  How can a product grow its fan base even before it’s launched?  Impossible?  We are living in the digital era, and thankfully the rules have changed.

Justin Fitzpatrick and his “Shoe Snob” blog is an excellent example of a brand’s creation through social media.  An American student who loved good shoes, Justin had dreams of starting his own dress-shoe line.  He made a step-by-step plan, and documented his success in his blog.  ”A good entrepreneur spends at least 5 years getting to know his industry before venturing off and starting their own project,” Justin states.  And that’s just what he did.  Justin worked as a shoe salesman in a prestigious American department store, studying the habits, wants, and needs of his male customers.  He went on to apprentice for one of the top five shoemakers in the world, learning to make designer shoes by hand.


Throughout his journey, Justin has shared his experiences in detail with his readers, divulging each specific detail along the way.  With the help of his blog, Justin turned his dream into a reality by creating the “Justin Fitzpatrick” brand and designing his own shoes.  And with the popularity of his blog, his readers have become his first customers.

Of course Justin Fitzpatrick isn’t a household name quite yet, but his customers love his shoes not only because of their beauty, but also the story behind them.  Thanks to Justin’s blog, his best customers enter the market educated on design, leather quality, and all the details of his new line.  Justin’s story makes his brand special for his customers.

Blogging is a great strategy for every new fashion brand.  Don’t look at your website or blog as just a promotional tool, but allow it to tell your story.  Differentiate yourself from the mass market by giving your brand a personality, and the results will follow!

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